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Art & Design

Since it was established at the beginning of the 80s, Tonino Lamborghini has continued to design products capable of interpreting the values of timeless innovation, intrinsic with the Italian artistic culture.

Over the last thirty years, this noble inspiration has been enhanced by extensive research in the field of innovation of materials and mechanical design, the core principle and leit motif of the history of an Italian family: the Lamborghini family.  

The result is a unique and instantly recognisable Style that has achieved in pleasing the taste and demands of markets all over the world. In fact, the over 25 different types of products range from luxury items to the most iconic lifestyle objects, all focuses on the same unique design: that of the “Charging Bull”. 

Even today, the Style Centre is driven by the intuition of the founder of the firm, Tonino Lamborghini, with an exceptional mix of "Senior Designers" of proven experience and Junior Designers graduating from the most prestigious Italian design schools. This choice highlights how the roots of the brand are still deep-seated on the Italian territory, and something that is considered to be a vital corporate asset. This is why the Tonino Lamborghini Style Centre proposes lines which start with pencil and paper, but are then produced using state-of-the-art design and engineering processes.

Our goal for the last thirty years: Design Innovation and Functionality.

Under the sign of the Charging Bull.