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We have been opening Tonino Lamborghini-branded restaurants and coffee bars since 1991 and are now embarking on a major new phase, entering new and growing markets like the Middle East while consolidating our presence in Europe and the USA. Our philosophy is to share the Italian genius for service and design worldwide in the form of Caffè Boutiques, Caffè Lounges, Hotels, Residences and Apart-hotels, characterised by a cutting-edge architectonic style and warm and sophisticated interiors that elegantly express the brand values of quality, charm and excellence. Restaurants, cafés and hotels are calibrated to appeal to an upmarket clientele and are well integrated in to local culture, aesthetics and taste. A combination of lines, shapes, volumes and visual feelings, a mix of tradition and modernity where the “Italian way” is expressed in all its explosive vitality, creativity and beauty.  As Tonino Lamborghini says: “We cannot give you Italy but we can give you the feeling”.